Walking and hiking

Razgledi z Matkovega Grintavca

If you like pleasant and short walks, you can find a lot of beautiful spots on the meadows and forests in the vicinity of our home. Forest paths do not harm your knees as the slope is not too steep. The above roads are also extremely suitable for Nordic walking.

For those a bit more curious there is one of the most solitary pieces in the Slovenian Alps, Matkov kot. There you can take a rest in the cottage, have some fresh water from the spring and enjoy the beauty of Matkov kot.

There are plenty roads and paths to hike in the Matk land, which spreads all the way to Austrian-Slovenian border. You can go to the plain Strma planina or along the hunting paths on Matkov Grintavec where there is a fine view of the beautiful surrounding.

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Matkov škaf, a natural sight, is a bit more demanding. It is a special hole in the snow, which has the shape of a big wooden pail. The high season to see Škaf is from the late May to August. If you decide to go to Matkov škaf, you are advised to wear crampons and ice-axe in any season.

Even more demanding mountaineers can take a marked path to Mrzla gora. You should be in a good physical condition and have some experiences to try the demanding path. You can descent to the valley Logarska dolina or to the valley Belska Kočna in Austria.

There are numerous paths to the surrounding peaks, but not all are marked. We do not recommend taking them alone. If you want, the local people who know them can escort you to peaks. However, we are happy that there are still some hidden pieces of Earth that have not yet been touched too often by the human.

Gorsko kolesarjenje po solčavski panoramski cesti - čudoviti razgledi

A bit more distant, but not too far away peaks are Olševa, Raduha, Ojstrica, Krofička, and Planjava.

Mountain cycling

From the road from the Logarska dolina valley you can turn to Matkov kot and slowly raise, cycling past three farms, where you come to the main road again which leads you to the border crossing Pavličevo sedlo. From there you can continue your way to the valley Bela and then to the Jezersko vrh or you can continue on the Solčava panorama road, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Solčava valleys.


There is a lot of game in the forests. A couple of hundred metres away from our home you can see chamois. If you get up early enough in the morning, you can see roe deer from your bedroom window. You can hear little and big cock, as well. During hunting you can see lots of beautiful nature sights.

Helping out with the farm occupation

Hiša namenjena turistični dejavnosti - dobrodošli

If you are interested in what a working day on a farm looks like and want to take part in, you are welcome to do various jobs, like fruit picking, harvest home, working in the garden, or picking medicinal herbs. Some say that working on a farm, a primary contact with earth, is wholesome for many hardships of modern man.

Sledding and mountain skiing

Sankanje po naših zasneženih cestah

Winters in Matkov are still as they used to be, there is a lot of snow. Besides walking on the snowy roads you can also go sledding and skiing, make igloos or snow statues.

In addition to all the above, you can practice your own interesting activities, which will be a pleasant surprise to us.

Group meetings, like intensive choir practice, choir, drama, etc.)

When the wind blows hard outside or when there is a snowstorm you can spend time in the house. Around the baker’s oven there is enough room for a strong singing marathon.

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Skromnost se poda veličinam. — Renard

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